Research Publications

Research Articles in International Journals


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Research Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings


  1. M. Firstein, A. Fischer and H. Closed Almost Knight’s Tours on 2D and 3D Chessboards. Operations Research Proceedings 2017, 2017, accepted. Earlier version. 
  2. A. Fischer, H. and A. Jellen. The Traveling Salesperson Problem with Forbidden Neighborhoods on Regular 3D Grids. Operations Research Proceedings 2017, 2017, accepted. Earlier version. 
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Book Chapters and Lecture Notes


  1. H. and R. Neck. An algorithmic equilibrium solution for n- person dynamic Stackelberg difference games with open-loop information pattern. In: H. Dawid et al.: Computational Methods in Economic Dynamics, Springer Publishers,  pp 197-214, 2010.



Preprints and Work in Progress


    1. H., K. Maier and M. F. Anjos. An Exact Approach for the Combined Cell Layout Problem.
    2. M. F. Anjos, A. Fischer and H. Solution Approaches for Equidistant Double- and Multi-Row Facility Layout Problems. Earlier version.
    3. H., K. Maier, J. Pöcher, A. Rendl and C. Truden. Solving an On-line Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Structured Time Windows. Earlier version.
    4. H.,  F. Rendl and J. Judice. A recursive semi-smooth Newton method for linear complementarity problems. Earlier version.
    5. P.A. Bucur and H. A Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Dynamic Container Relocation Problem. Earlier version.
    6. H. and C. Truden. Efficient and Easy-to-Implement Mixed-Integer Linear Programs for the Traveling Salesperson Problem with Time Windows. Earlier version.




Technical Reports


  1. H. A Semidefinite Optimization Approach for the Parallel Ordering Problem.
  2. H. Differential Games: Egoism, Cooperation and Altruism.

PhD and Master Theses


  1. H. Semidefinite Optimization Approaches to Applications in Facility Layout and Logistics. PhD Thesis Economics, 2014. Online version.
  2. H. Semidefinite Approaches to Ordering Problems. PhD Thesis Mathematics, 2012. Online version.
  3. HThe Prices of Anarchy, Information and Cooperation. Master Thesis Business and Law, 2012. Online version.
  4. H. Algorithms for Convex Quadratic Programming. Master Thesis Mathematics, 2009. Online version.
  5. H. Discrete-Time Dynamic Noncooperative Game Theory. Master Thesis Economics, 2008. Online version.