DDr. Philipp Hungerländer

I am Associate Professor at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of KlagenfurtThe three main fields of my research are semidefinite, conic and polynomial optimization, quadratic programming and building exact and heuristic algorithms for solving combinatorial optimization problems emerging from state-of-the-art real-world applications.

In the first field the objective of my research is to provide guaranteed optimal or near-optimal solutions for important classes of large-scale discrete nonlinear optimization problems arising in engineering and economic applications. My current interests are in developing new models and algorithms for solving problems in the areas of graph drawing and layout.

In the second field I work on developing new active-set algorithms with fair convergence properties and a strong practical performance that can be applied to convex/nonconvex, bound-constrained/equality constrained, continous quadratic problems.


In the third field I build exact methods (mostly mixed-integer linear problems) and (meta)-heuristics for solving discrete optimization problems emerging from various projects with partners from industry. Core application areas are routing (variants of Traveling Salesperson and Vehicle Routing Problems) and scheduling (in particular university timetabling and staff scheduling).

Additionally I am fascinated by game theory and do some research on different aspects of dynamic games.


I am member of the working group on combinatorial optimization led by Prof. Franz Rendl. Last year I finished my PhD in Economics and Business Administration and I submitted my "habilitation" in Operations Research and Applied Mathematics.