Interactive Presentation, “Long Night of Research” at the University of Klagenfurt

4th of April 2014




At our station an animal shelter with eight enclosures is constructed. The visitors have to decide which animal in assigned to which enclosure. Animals that like each other should be located near each other and those who do not like each other should stay as far as possible away from each other. With a computer program we evaluate the assignments and whether they bring peace to the shelter.


Through the practical involvement the visitors get an impression of the complexity of mathematical problems - although the problem is immediately evident and appears quite simple at first sight, the solution for more than 40 objects is hardly possible at the moment.


We offer various levels of difficulty and hence we hope that our station is interesting for both kids and adults.


Institute of Mathematics and the build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten are the most popular stations of the Long Night of Research


7,500 people visited the Long Night of Research and elected by SMS the most popular stations. The most bots obtained the stations "Who can quiet the animal shelter?" and "Wie unternehmungslustig ist Kärnten?".

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