Promotion Sub Auspiciis 2012

In Austria, the highest possible honor for achievement in university studies is the "Promotio sub auspiciis Prasidentis rei publicae". In this ceremony, the head of Austria honors the country's best students with a gold ring, engraved with the words "sub auspiciis praesidentisand the emblem of Austria.


To become "sub auspiciis" doctorate, several criteria must be met:

  1. All high school classes must be completed with "distinction".
  2. The school leaving examination must be passed with "distinction".
  3. All diploma examinations during the Bachelor's studies, the Master's studies and the Ph.D. studies as well as the master thesis and dissertation must be rated with the best possible grade.
  4. The study period may not exceed the average duration of study, unless there are valid reasons for a delay.
  5. The life inside and outside the university must award-worthy (assessment based on CV and extract from police records).

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